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Palmerston North
My name is Gail, counsellor and relationship counsellor in Palmerston North. I offer individual counselling, couples counselling and Family Dispute Resolution Counselling (FDR) and Separation Mediation. There is always a way trough.

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Palmerston North
My name is Mayan, counsellor, life coach and EFT-therapist in Palmerston North. I can help you with a lot of issues, such as addictions, anxiety and stress, eating disorders, emotional eating issues, phobia, trauma.

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Palmerston North
My name is Karen, counsellor in Palmerston North. In my practice I see people with all kind of problems that are troubling and causing distress. I am experienced in working with clients on a wide range of issues.

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Are you looking for online / skype counselling or online relationship counselling? Contact one of our online counsellors or online couples counsellors.

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