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Family Dispute Resolution Counselling (FDR) and Mediation

When parents who have separated are unable to agree on childcare it is wise to seek some professional intervention. It is important to make sure the person you find has good solid experience in this field.

I have been doing mediation and counselling for the New Zealand Family Courts since 2007 and am currently contracted by them to attend to Judge directed cases. I also work for the Ministry of Justice within the Family Dispute Resolution process; offering pre-mediation counselling.

Not only do I ‘know the ropes’ I also have a deep understanding of the anguish that going through a separation can bring ; especially trying to look after children in the middle.

De-escalate conflict

It can be truly miraculous how having the right counsellor/mediator; one who has the experience and passion for the work can help to de-escalate conflict.

I will:

✓ Help to de-escalate emotion
✓ Work calmly and solidly amongst conflict
✓ Facilitate ways for you to make decisions
✓ Help you process loss and grief

✓ Allow you a view of the ‘forest for the trees’
✓ Suggest practical things you can do

✓ Help you understand how children may be feeling and guide you in the best ways to help them

✓ Facilitate the creation of a parenting plan
✓ Give you information on resources available to you and tell you about Family Court Processes

✓ Be a non- judgemental sounding board and offer a quiet space away from the world for you to express yourself and think

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